About the Board

The board of Transito consists of a group of enthusiastic students who are devoting a lot of energy and effort to the association for a year. The board members have a part-time position and work together as a team. The board in this year consists of a:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • External Relations Officer
  • Commercial Officer
  • IT & Marketing Officer
  • Activities Officer

The board is responsible for the daily management of the association of Transito and organises interesting activities for its members regularly, such as lectures, in-house days, excursions, company visits, and of course social drinks. Furthermore, there is a study trip every year around May.

The board keeps close contact with the teachers from the department of Urban, Port & Transport Economics. Possible activities or vacancies coming from the department can for instance be made public to the members via Transito. This is just one example of the way in which Transito tries to provide the link between students and teachers, as well as between students and businesses.

Current Board

The 29th Board – Academic year 2016-2017

From left to right: Adriana Tibuzzi, Marnix van Witzenburg, Emmy Amsterdam, Marten Brunner, Sam Shurmer, Lazaros Valavanis, Borislav Nikolov

President – Samuel Shurmer

Secretary/Vice-president – Emmy Amsterdam

Treasurer – Borislav Nikolov

External Relations Officer – Adriana Tibuzzi

Commercial Relations Officer – Marten Brunner

IT & Marketing Officer – Lazaros Valavanis

Activities Officer – Marnix van Witzenburg


Previous Boards

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