About Transito

What is Transito?

Transito is the study association for the Bachelor and Master program Urban, Port & Transport Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The association is completely organised by students and has the aim to offer a glance at the world behind the studies.

Transito comes from the Latin word for ‘transit’, acting as a passage between students, university and companies. By providing chances to students and alumni through organising professional and social activities, Transito tries to give meaning to its name.Via the organisation of events Transito attempts to be the link between study and business, and provide a broader perspective on and understanding of chances present.

On this website more information on Transito and its activities can be found as well as the latest news and business options related to Urban, Port and/or Transport Economics.

The Board

The board of Transito is usually selected by the previous board on includes the most ambitious and enthusiastic students of the UPTE master program. This year the board consists of seven members.

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Transito membership has a lot of benefits both for current students and alumni. You can apply for it online or visit our office and fill the membership application on paper. And it’s really cheap – only €12.50!

What we offer?

Transito has a lot to offer current students of the UPTE program. There are a lot of social activities going on during the year. Besides that, an annual study trip is also an amazing experience. Finally, we help you build your career, organizing various events and providing you with information about all the interesting career opportunities.

We in Transito take relations with leading companies really seriously. Each year we have a pool of brilliant students willing to start their career in your company. Besides that, a partnership with us makes your company much more known among students, since we are including our partners on all the promotional materials we issue.

Transito helps UPTE alumni to keep in touch with their classmates long after graduation. We not only organize regular activities for Alumni, but also starting a new Gateway initiative aimed to increase cooperation between alumni.

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