Active Members

Other than just receiving the benefits of being a Transito member, members can also participate actively in Transito. This would mean being part of the board or joining a committee. These committees are as follows:

Study Trip committee

The study trip is a traditional activity of Transito and will be organised around the end of the 4th block/beginning of the 5th block. The committee for the study trip is in charge of selecting – in consultation with the board – a destination for the study trip, approach interesting companies and organisations to visit during our stay there, find sponsors or maybe link the trip to a firm which can benefit from any research that can possibly be executed during the trip. The Study Trip committee has its own chairman and is separate from the other activities organised by Transito – although you are of course always more that welcome to contribute!
For more information you can contact us via

Study Trip Committee 2018-2019:

  • Klaas van den Boer
  • Rick de Lange
  • Stefan Zwolsman
  • Gijs Siderius
  • Kaj Overdevest


Board of Advice

The Board of Advice (BoA) consists of former Transito-board members and advises the current board on policies, activities, ideas and plans for the present year.

Board of Advice committee 2018-2019:
  • Samuel Shurmer
  • Emmy Amsterdam
  • Michael Leonhart
  • Felicia Chen

KasCo committee

The KasCo is in charge of checking the financial business and status of Transito. After the treasurer has made up the financial report, the KasCo checks the correct representation of the report. When the treasurer is able to underpin the content properly, the KasCo will approve the financial report.

KasCo committee 2018-2019:
  •  Borislav Nokolov
  •  Dennis Moeskops