Antwerp Trip



Every year, Transito organises a weekend trip to the city of Antwerp in Belgium. First organised a few years ago, it has since turned into a tradition. This weekend is the perfect way for all new UPTE students to get to know each other. Saturday afternoon you will have the opportunity to explore and experience the city of Antwerp. In the evening we will have dinner followed by drinks and a night out in the city center. We will spend the night at the Antwerp central hostel. This is a very modern hostel located close to the city center.

To summarise:

The trip will take place on Saturday September 10th and Sunday September 11th and costs 35 euro.

We will depart from the university in Rotterdam Saturday morning and we will return Sunday afternoon at the same location.

A ticket includes:

  • The bus trip
  • Activities
  • Night at the hostel
  • Dinner
  • A few drinks after dinner

You can buy your ticket through:
The application deadline is on september 4th.  There is a limited number of seats available so please hurry up. First come, first served!
If you are an international student and cannot pay with iDeal or creditcard please contact us through:

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through or facebook.

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