Assignment internship 2019 Propensity to fly by Royal Schiphol Group

Hereby you will find some information about an available internship for UPTE master students in Royal Schiphol Group.

Company details Company details
Company: Royal Schiphol Group
Department: Aviation Marketing, Traffic Analysis & Forecasting
Locations: Schiphol Airport

Assignment for internship Assignment for internship
How does the propensity to fly develop?

At the department traffic analysis and forecasting, we use historic trends and patterns to look at future. In our current long-term forecasting model, we make basic regression analysis: Considering the development of oil price and GDP in relation to passenger numbers over time. Apart from that, we do not consider any behavioral change over time – which seems to be a pitfall.
Hence, we now want to gain more insights on the propensity to fly: how would the average number of (resident) trips increase in future?

To be further assessed / developed To be further assessed / developed
As we see it currently, there are 2 points of view

1) Can we find evidence on propensity to fly in comparable markets?
a. GDP development
b. (residual) income per capita
c. Development of cost of travel (including tax)

2) Apart from that, what actually drives the propensity to fly:
a. Socio-economic behavior / Culture / leisure time
b. Country demographics (age / culture)
c. Political / Legislative
d. Alternative modes of transportation

Available data 
Schiphol historic flight database
Schiphol Market research: passenger profile information (reason for travel, country of residence, etc)
DiiO: Global Schedule and booking data
IHS-Markit: economic forecast database (GDP, Currency, Commodity)

Required profile of candidate: 
Numerically strong, with good interpersonal skills. You are able to transform a problem into a mathematical statement. After statistical analysis, you know how to translate the solution back to an understandable advice.

In addition, knowledge of python is preferred, otherwise enthusiasm to pick it up on the job.

Preferable start date : Feb – March 2019
Duration : 4-6 months
Remuneration : € 400 per month

Students who are interested can send their CV and motivation letter directly to: Berend Onnes, Manager Traffic Analysis & Forecast (, tel. 06-30549381).