Board positions

The Transito board consists of 6 positions. It is a perfect opportunity for those who want to experience what it is like to be in the board of a master’s student association. Not only does this look good on your CV but you also learn a lot about yourself and obtain new skills. The board of Transito consists of a group of enthusiastic students who are devoting a lot of energy and effort to the association for a year. The board members have a part-time position and work together as a team.


The president is the oil that keeps the board moving in unison. This person must be able to see the greater picture and is responsible for bringing together synergies within the board to get the mission done. The role of president is challenging, because he/she must be a team player who is be able to take the lead when necessary to get the job done! The president also represents Transito at all external events.

You are perfect for the job if you (are):

  • A Team player
  • Easygoing, but is not afraid to be direct
  • Able to made decisions easily, but also listen to input
  • Set differences aside, make sure a team works


Previous board/committee experience

Secretary / Vice-President

The secretary is the right hand of the president. The secretary handles incoming emails, post, and other material that is relevant for the board. He/She also has the important role of transcribing the meetings. Incase the president is absent the secretary will act as vice president. The secretary is also there to step in and offer help to others in the board if needed.

You are perfect for the job if you:

  • Like to have contact with other students
  • Have your own opinion about things and you are not scared to show that
  • Are creative
  • Are efficient
  • Love to work within a team
  • Can multitask


The treasurer is the person who is entrusted with maintaining the financial health of Transito. The main goal is to keep track on all transfers that are going out and coming in the account. This is a position that relates to a great level of responsibility and reliableness as all payments and transactions are made only by the treasurer. The treasurer reports monthly to the rest of the board about the financial presence of the association.

You are perfect for the job if you:

  • Are responsible, organized and punctual
  • Are good with numbers.
  • Have excellent communication skills

Commercial Officer

The commercial officer is responsible for all the monetary relations Transito has. This includes sponsors and various companies. The commercial officer is also responsible for organizing the recruitment event and making sure we are financed sufficiently.

You are perfect for the job if you:

  • Are goal oriented
  • Learn what companies think and expect from students
  • Want to improve on your sales skills
  • Are responsible and independent


Dutch speaker

Activities Officer

The activities officer is responsible for almost all Transito activities. The activities include social drinks and gatherings and visits to ports and airports. This makes it a very active position for which planning and organisational skills are required. The biggest challenge of the activities officer is to organise the study trip. The organization of this trip requires months of preparation by the activities officer and his/her committee. This year the destination is Kuala Lumpur, an exciting and challenging destination. In order to make the trip a success, the activities officer should have strong mental skills and the ability to keep his/her committee enthusiastic and committed to deadlines.

You are perfect for this job if:

  • You’re a social and enthusiastic person
  • You’re organised and efficient
  • You’re motivated and enjoy challenges
  • You can lead a team of people towards a common goal.

Marketing and ESE Gateway Officer

The Marketing and ESE Gateway officer is the responsible for the communication between Transito and the students. He/She will communicate events, jobs and internship positions to the students. This means managing the website and various social media outlets. It also means that the officer must be IT savvy. Use of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Lightroom will be a regular routine. Some knowledge about coding is helpful but is not needed. The Marketing and Gateway officer is also responsible for the ESE Gateway project and communication with alumni of the masters, professors, and any more people. Working on Social media and ESE Gateway he/she tries to find new ways to advertise the association.

You are perfect for the job if you:

  • Are a creative thinker and a problem solver
  • You are a technology lover and IT savvy
  • Have good communication skills

You can learn more about the current and previous boards here:

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