What we offer to companies

A partnership with Transito can have many mutual benefits!

“We are looking forward to establish more contacts with leading companies in logistics, maritime business and urban development.”

Transito is the Study Association for the MSc Urban, Port & Transport Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It is our task to link our promising students to the best companies in the fields they want to start their career in. These fields range from urban management or city marketing to logistics or maritime economics. Whatever your companies’ core-business is, our students have added value. The curriculum delivers critical broad-viewed economists with an edge on urban development, logistical problems and port-related issues.

To make sure you get the best students we offer multiple services and possible activities to make sure you enjoy publicity through our different media-channels to students and alumni, but also have personal contact with these students, which we prefer to do through a yearlong partnership.

If you are interested in our Transito Recruitment Afternoon, more information can be found here.

Partnership Benefits

As a sponsor/partner there are different things we can offer you as Transito – the study association for the Urban, Port & Transport Economics MSc of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

General Exposure

This includes but is not limited to banners, logos, and messages on our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter page, our LinkedIn page, and in our newsletter. Next to digital exposure we can offer (in co-operation and towards specific events) presence on flyers and posters.

Specific Exposure

This means the spreading of specific messages or vacancies of your company on our website, our social media and in our newsletter.

Recruitment Event

We offer a recruitment event in which we link your company to students through speed-dates (your company can first anonymously select your speed-date candidates via their CVs). This will be held in spring – and will be in the trend of previous years.

In-House days or Job-Shadowing

In co-operation with your company, and in accordance to your preference we can offer you students to join towards an in-house day, or to go job-shadowing, to increase attention and word-of-mouth among students. This can also be on selection of CVs.

Thesis Service

Every year our students graduate by handing in their thesis – we can offer you a list of students with their thesis topics, not only to maybe create an internship/thesis combination, but also after handing in, in which we send you a list of graduates with a thesis that scored 7.5 or above.

Miscellaneous activities

Of course there are many more possibilities in co-operating towards a connection between your company and students, in this case we can always brainstorm towards new services.

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