What we offer to students

For a student being a member of Transito means that you will always be welcome to our activities – our monthly social drinks, be it just another casual night out, bowling, or even ice-skating, recruitment events, study trips, company visits, guest lectures, and many more! Many of our activities are free, however even if you have to pay, as a member you’ll get the most friendly price possible! Besides organizing social activities, Transito helps you find the best career opportunities in Urban development, Transport, Port and Logistics sectors. Plus, you’ll always be updated with what’s going on each month through our online newsletter.

We have a lot in store for our Alumni as well as our current students, keeping your membership status with Transito, be sure to look forward to Alumni drinks, and to stay connected with UPTE! For more information about our offers for Alumni, read on from the ‘For alumni’ section!

Social Activities

Regular social activities are a good Transito tradition. Such events are usually held every month and consist of some entertaining group activity, like bowling or skating, followed by going for a couple of drinks. Take a look at the upcoming events section in order to find out if there is some activity coming up.

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Job Opportunities

Transito is responsible for creating links between students and employers. Each year we participate in a number of career events held by other organizations, but also organize our own events just for UPTE students. Take a look at the upcoming events section in order to find out if there is something coming up.

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The Newsletter

Transito issues a quartely newsletter with a digest of all the important stuff happening here in Transito. Usually this includes a review of all the activities organized in the past month, all the important news about the Study Association and something about what’s coming up next month. You get automatically subscribed to this newsletter, so there is no worry to subscribe, but of course you can always unsubscribe from them as well.