Get the Job (Done)!

Location: Senate Hall, Erasmus University
Date: 20 May 2015

Dear UPTE students,

As strategic partner with Venturn, we are happy to offer you a job application and assessment training. With your specialization urban, port and transport economics, you are an attractive candidate for many organizations in the maritime and logistics industry, but success in a job application requires some additional knowledge and skills. For this reason, Venturn, in association with Transito, offers you the training Get the Job (done)! The purpose of the training is to fully inform you on how to get the desired job, including all stages from start to finish, i.e., preparation of a CV, writing a motivation letter, the interview, and, finally, doing an assessment.

Get the Job (done) is a training, but also as real as it can be. You are asked to make an application through Venturn’s Young Professional Program at any one of its relations in the maritime and logistics industry. A table with the names of these organization is included on the next page. Venturn commits to pitch good applications to the chosen organization, so there is a real chance to get a job offer.

Application DEADLINE: May 17, 2015

Apply NOW

Please choose the organization of your preference from the table on the next page and write your application based on that company. We will use these applications in the job application and assessment workshop on 20 May, to show you what makes a good application and how you can improve. We build on theory as well as our own experiences. Also an application strategy is set out; after the training you should know how to prepare for an application in writing a letter, build up a cv, prepare for an interview set and an assessment.

This workshop will be given by Juliette Janssen, Consultant Executive Search & Assessor and Michiel Drenth Manager Executive Search, both working with Venturn People & Performance.


Programme “Get the job (done)!”

10h00 – Kick-off

10h15 – Do’s and don’t do’s in motivation letters with examples

10h45 – Do’s and don’t do’s in cv’s with example

11h15 – Theoretical outline on motivation letter and cv.

12h00 – Break

13h00 – Selection of good candidates based on motivation letters and cv’s: explanation of the attractiveness of these candidates, and lessons for further improvement.

13h45 – Reflection by other students: what did you do and would do now differently

14h00 – Four on stage interviews with ‘volunteers’ (10 min interview; 5 min feedback)

15h00 – Theory on the full application procedure. 1st, 2nd, 3rd interview, with whom etc. What can be expected, what are the do’s and don’t do’s during an interview? This can relate to attitude and behavior, how much talking, inappropriate remarks, improvement points/not being able to mention your learnings, how to reshape these to your qualities, preparation on company and interviewees, etc.

15h40 – Theory Assessments, what can you expect and how could you prepare.

16h00 – Venturn Pitch. Our pitch on why working with or through Venturn steepens your learning curve, and is fun!


Young Professional Relations of Venturn:

·      APM Terminals

·      Van Oord

·      Damen

·      Nile Dutch

·      N-Sea

·      Den Hartogh Logistics

·      Port of Rotterdam

·      De Verkeersonderneming

·      Harding Safety SA

·      HES International BV

·      GAC

·      UASC

·      Hamburg Süd

·      Thyssen Krupp Veerhaven

·      EECV (Ertsoverslagbedrijf Europoort CV)

·      Havenschap Moerdijk

·      Zeeland Seaports

·      Boskalis

·      Euroports, Antwerpen

·      Matchback Systems BV

·      Smit Lamnalco

·      Kotug


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