Management training: Old and new board

On Monday September the ​21st the old and new Transito board met up for a management training by Patrick van de Ven CEO of Venturn.
Venturn is a prominent Maritime consultancy firm and one of Transito’s main sponsors. Its office is situated at a beautiful location on the Maaskade in Rotterdam.

The training was divided in two parts: in the first part the focus was on the old board, which was asked to give an overview of the current status of Transito, think about their goals and what they tried to achieve in the past year, and evaluate this process in order to see which of these goals were realised. This provided an excellent opportunity to the old board to review what they achieved during the past academic year and at the same time a great chance for the new board to realize what their predecessors tried, where they succeeded but also where they failed.

In the second part of the training the attention shifted to the new board of Transito. In this part of the training, Patrick focused on each one of the new board members individually, by pointing out their responsibilities and trying to clarify their weight by considering problems that may arise during a board year. The old board also contributed to the discussion by sharing their experience. For us, as a new board, the training was very useful and insightful and will most certainly assist us in making sure Transito keeps improving every year.

We would like to thank Venturn, and Patrick van de Ven personally, for hosting us at their office and providing the training!

You can learn more about Venturn at their website If you would like to visit the office yourself you should definitely sign up for Transito’s recruitment afternoon later this year as it will take place at Venturn’s office.

Transito old and new board