Master thesis research project for the Port of Rotterdam/Smart Port


Master thesis research project for the Port of Rotterdam/Smart Port

The value of standardised nautical information


The importance of supply chain visibility standards for end-to-end maritime supply chains is acknowledged beyond any doubt. Competitive advantage can be gained when the Port of Rotterdam keeps its leading position in the implementation and subsequent facilitation of supply chain visibility for the Rotterdam port as a whole. Therefore the Port of Rotterdam wants to develop port related supply chain standards with respect to nautical information.

To convince stakeholders that standardized nautical information is of added value for supply chain performance, insight on how this standardized information can create value by optimizing trade specific supply chains per supply chain member is requested.

The main goal of the research is to identify the value that standardized information in the supply chain can bring. To contribute to the idea that standardized information improves the communication between supply chain members and ultimately results in more efficient and reliable supply chains.


Main research question:

What is the value of standardized nautical information in port related supply chains?


Sub questions:

What are the core logistics processes per trade? (container, wet bulk, dry bulk)

  • What are the trade specific value chains, and which members are included?
  • What is the potential value creation (how much, how often and where) per supply chain member per trade, for example:
    • Within the Oil & Gas trade it could result lower inventory: in how much savings does this result?
    • Within containerized trades is could result in better planning, how can these savings be monetarized and which player will get these savings?
    • To ports it could result in more efficient port calls, what are these savings?
  • Can a simple simulation model be made to simulate possible value creation of the optimized logistics flows per trade by means of nautical standard and data exchange (user cases)?


The requested deliverable is: A report that identifies the value of information for three different supply chain (containers, wet and dry bulk) and for the individual stakeholders.


Why is this interesting for you?
  • The project is very much needed for the port of Rotterdam: your work is important for the port!
  • You will meet interesting stakeholders in the port
  • You are able to experience the port of Rotterdam business community from within
  • You will be coached by senior officials from Smart Port/Port of Rotterdam and Erasmus University
  • You will receive a compensation fee (500 euro/month).



Send your cv, grade-list and a motivation letter to Bart Kuipers ( Bart Kuipers is also happy to answer your further questions with respect to this project.