Quantitative Spatial Analysis

Quantitative Spatial Analysis



Course code: FEM11134

ECT Credits: 4

Block: 1

Professors Involved:

mr.dr. PA van Reeven

J van Haaren

JJ Witte

dr. MP Garcia Gomez

dr. TM Marreiros Bago d’Uva


  • 60% – Assignments
  • 40% – Exam



This course is mainly focused on quantitative analysis, mainly concerning itself of different dependencies such as spatial, time, and group dependence. Be prepared to use STATA, although prerequisite knowledge on the software is not needed! BUT you need to pay attention in class if you want to survive, if you are not involved and rely on your group, you would do more harm to yourself. You need this course for your master’s thesis as it would involve quantitative analysis.


Baur: Every interesting course and very useful for your masters thesis. Make sure you take notes so you can use them later as this course is in block 1 and your master thesis is at the end of the academic year.