Transito Recruitment Afternoon 2017

On the 31st of March, Transito will host its Recruitment Afternoon. This is the yearly career event in which students will get the opportunity to speed date with companies. The event will take place from 13.30-17.00 at Venturn’s office, Maaskade 119, and includes a drink at 17.00, to talk again with the companies or to talk with one that you have not speed dated with. During the entire afternoon you will get the opportunity to follow an e-assessment training which will prepare you for the selection procedures.

This year, the following companies will join our event:


APL logistics UK_icon/Netherlands_icon
APL Logistics provides global, integrated supply chain services in more than 60 countries, including both origin and destination services such as freight consolidation, warehousing, and distribution management. APL Logistics offers consulting solutions and uses IT for maximum supply chain visibility and control. APL Logistics is a member of the Kintetsu World Express (KWE) group, a global logistics services provider.

Venturn Netherlands_icon
Venturn is a maritime consultancy based in Rotterdam, which offers Consultancy, Training & Development, Executive Search, Young Professionals Programme and Interim Services to the maritime and the interrelated logistics sector globally. They are looking for Dutch students (who speak fluent English) to join their young professional program. This program gives you the opportunity to do 2-4 projects with a variety of companies in and around the port for 18 months.

Broekman logistics Netherlands_icon
Broekman Logistics started more than 55 years ago in the port of Rotterdam and since then has evolved into a complete logistics service provider. Broekman has offices in the Netherlands, China, India, Singapore, Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic, with around 800 employees. The core specializations of Broekman are forwarding, shipping, warehousing, distribution and breakbulk terminals. For their traineeships & starter functions they are looking for Dutch speaking students.

MTBS Netherlands_icon/france/UK_icon
Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) is a leading international finance and strategy advisory firm, specialized in the port sector. MTBS advises public and private clients at Boardroom level on their strategic and financial business issues. They are looking for students fluent in Dutch and English to expand the company. A pre would be if you are fluent in French. Moreover, if you are fluent in French and English but do not speak Dutch, MTBS is willing to make an exception for you.

Peterson Netherlands_icon/UK_icon
Peterson was established in 1920 as a family owned inspection company for grain, which was traded and transported on the rivers and canals of the Netherlands. Over the years, their scope of activities has expanded immensely. Currently they are global player in the 4PL business and in quality assurance. They are looking for fluent English speaking students to join their “Peterson academy”. This traineeship gives you the opportunity to see all the 3 divisions of the company in 12 months and will involve a lot of traveling.

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You can register in the form provided below. In this form you are asked to state your preference for the firms you would like to have a speed date with. The firms will then in turn give their preference with whom they would like to have a conversation with based on the CV’s you provide and then we will match the students to the firms.

Although we cannot promise that you will talk with every firm you selected, we will do our best to match you to your preferred firms and make sure that you always have at least one conversation during the day. However, even if you do not have a conversation with a firm, you can always contact the recruiters at the drink at the end of the day.

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The deadline for applying is 19th of March. You can register now and a Dropbox link will be sent to you on Friday the 17th in order to upload your CV and short motivations to make use of the Job Application Training.


If you have any more questions about this event, you can contact our commercial officer, or talk to someone from the board. You can reach the commercial officer as follows: