Study Trip 2015: Korea

This year Transito strived to do its best to give the most to its members. After a survey of where you wanted to go, South Korea and Panama were the top picks. With some research, South Korea seemed to be the better option and we did our best to organize it.

Fortunately, the Study Trip committee did a fantastic job in organizing everything, from the hostel to the company visits! We visited Embassy of the Netherlands, Hyudai, Hanjin, Pantos Logistics, Port of Incheon, and Sungkyungkwan University! Not including the wonderful places that Seoul had to offer such as their Bukhansan National Park, their many royal palaces, and of course their amazing nightlife!

Transito would like to thank everyone who participated and an even bigger thank you to all the companies and organizations which cooperated with us!

Below are just a fraction of the pictures from the trip, for more visit our Facebook page!