Study Trip 2017 – Hong Kong


We are excited to announce that this year’s study trip will go to Hong Kong!

We depart at the 1 st of May and return on the 10 th of May, giving you eight nights to explore this world city and have a great time with your fellow UPTE students!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the most important financial cities in the world, after New York and London. Hence, the term Nylonkong is frequently used to express the financial relation between these cities. Besides being an important financial city, Hong Kong is also an interesting city for who are interested in urban economics, ports, transport and logistics. The city has the fourth largest container port and handled more than 22 million TEU in 2014. This makes the city a very important link in many supply chains. Furthermore, Hong Kong faces many urban and mobility challenges due to its high density. These challenges have resulted in the famous skyline and one of the most efficient transport systems on earth. Moreover, the culture of the city is regarded as open due to the many internationals. Also Hong Kong is a great city to experience the links between the Asian and European culture as this part of China is significantly influenced by the western culture while it was an UK colony till 1997. During the trip we will visit (renowned) sights to discover this amazing culture. Of course we will have a lot of fun too!

Practical information

The study trip will last from the 1 st of May till the 10 th of May
Our planned flight schedule is:
Outbound: 1 st of May, 17:20 depart from Amsterdam Schiphol and arrive in Hong Kong
International at the 2 nd of May at 10:20.
Inbound: 10 th of May at 12:20 we will depart from Hong Kong International to arrive at
18:20 at Amsterdam Schiphol.

These flights will be operated by KLM.


The study trip will cost €725 and includes flights, accommodation, activities organised by Transito, transportation to activities organised by Transito and selected dinners.

A €100 non-refundable deposit is required before we will confirm you subscription.
This deposit has to be paid within one day.We offer you two options to pay the remaining amount:
1) Pay at once: Transfer the remaining amount at once before February 20.
2) Installments: Pay the remaining amount in two installments of €312.50 each.
The first installment has to be paid by February 20 and the second one by March 20.


For most countries a visa is not required. However, we advise you to check the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department or contact an embassy for more information about your situation.
Link to Hong Kong Immigration Deparment: visa-entry- permit.html


Subscription for this exciting trip starts on Friday the 13 th of January at noon and will be open till the 19 th of January. A subscription form will be available on this website. Please note that we have limited spots and hence it will be first come first serve.

If you have any inquiries, please send them to

We are looking forward to discover amazing Hong Kong with you!

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